WebAudio-Controls Live Demo

Available At

https://github.com/g200kg/webaudio-controls This test page is for webaudio-controls with raw WebComponents version, it use only custom elements API. Available under the folder "2.0" of GitHub repository.

To Operate

ClickSwitch/Paramtoggle / activate the switch or focus the param
DragKnob/Sliderup/right to increase value / down/left to decrease value
Shift+DragKnob/Sliderfine control
Ctrl+Click/Command+ClickKnob/Slider/Switchset to default value
Edit with KeyboardParamedit the value directly
MouseWheelKnob/Sliderrotate upward to increase value / downward to decrease value
Shift+MouseWheelKnob/Sliderfine control


webaudio-controls is based on:

webaudio-controls is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0
Copyright (c) 2013 Eiji Kitamura / Ryoya KAWAI / Keisuke Ai / g200kg (Tatsuya Shinyagaito)

Knob/Switch images are from Knob Gallery
switch_toggle.knob by az Copyright (c) 2011 CC-BY