GUI parts library for Web application using WebComponents

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Knob Samples from KnobGallery

These knobs are randomly picked up from the “knob gallery”.

Knob Gallery

“Knob Gallery” is a shared space where a lot of knob image data is aggregated. Anyone can upload data with a public domain or Creative Commons license.

These knobs are published by following people’s efforts.

g200kgAqua / Vernier / lineShadow / lineShadow2
aikem400 / plastic_knob
Sasha RadojevicCarbon / JP8000 / LittlePhatty
Paule AmcaJambalaya
Mike RomansMiniMoog_Main
kuroneko_0622Vintage_Knob / Vintage_VUMeter
AZknob_metal_mesh (CC BY-NC 3.0)
www.WOK.de.toWOK_vintage_AbbeyRoad_PAN_Knob (CC BY-NC 3.0)